About us

Working with our accounting office

Very often people, who just opening a business or new companies or foundations do not have experience in accountants. They don’t need to have it. They should be professional in their fields, they do not have to know on all aspects of doing business. Cases of accounting services can take for them accouting office, which comprehensively provide them with services, which will save time allowing for taking him to win customers and support of the orders executed.

When we get a call or an email from potential customers, we  invite them  to meet us in order to find out what  expectations have our potential customer. During the conversation, he learns not only how our office operates, but also gets some information that will be needed in his business and in any cooperation with us. After this conversation, the customer decides whether he wants to work with us.

Our accounting office is open daily from Monday to Friday. If the contract between our accounting office and the client so provides, the documents are received from him directly. Sometimes it happens  that the customer in a given month, for various reasons may not occur in our accounting office, then can send us scans of documents and in next possible meeting will give us  original files. We work flexibly. We adapt to customer expectations. After learning all of their needs and expectations, we try to give a price for their services that will be most beneficial for the client.

We have experience in rendering services to different national and international business entities. Here you can see , what our accounting office can do for you, Cooperation with clients includes:
Accounting documents
Depending on the client’s needs, the receipt of the accounting documents takes place at our office, at the client’s registered office, or via postal mail or courier.

Contact and representation
On behalf of our  clients  we contact external entities, such as tax office, Social Insurance Company (ZUS), Central Statistical Office (GUS. we represent clients before external authorities, such as tax office  and ZUS.

Auxiliary reports
Upon the client’s request, we prepare all sorts of auxiliary statements, records and reports.  The frequency of the above-mentioned reports depends on the individual needs of the client.

Additional services
On behalf of the client’s, we prepare and send wire transfers to banks.

If you want to know more about the work of ABK Accounting Office in Szczecin, please call us or please send us an email to make an appointment.