How do we set the price for accounting services in our office account?

We always suggest  potential  customers to have a  meeting in our office to discuss the principles of cooperation. After receiving information about the type of activity conducted by the company, the conduct of accounting in the company, accounting rules from taxes and the amount of company accounting documents per month and the number of employees or contractors, we give price offer for accounting monthly services. Price for accounting services as you can see depends on many factors. Each company is in fact different and has different circumstances.

How the clients of our accounting office deliver to us accounting documents?

The standard way of providing accounting documents for our clients to the accounting office is delivering them personally during office hours. During a visit to our office with accounting documents they are initially reviewed by accountant, which draws attention to the documents that can not be considered tax deductible in accordance with the laws on income tax from individuals and legal entities. For customers who are registered for vat tax accounting documents are checked if they are  does not contain invoices from which you can not deduct the vat.

Sometimes companies are turning to us to collect the documents at home in their office and we are performed within the established fees for accounting services. We do this, of course, in Szczecin, as customers of other Polish regions, who commissioned us to carry out accounting services deliver to us the documents by e-mail or by courier.

Why you should choose our accounting office?

We are certified accountant issued by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland. Accounting Office is insured under three contracts of insurance of its business bookkeeping services in PZU SA . BNext to our office there is a large free car park, which allows our customers to seamlessly park the car at any hour of the office is open. Furthermore office has excellent public transport connections with any part of Szczecin.